At Animal Clinic of Rogers we believe your pets are beloved members of our family and it can be heartbreaking to see them suffering or in pain. Unfortunately, there are some illnesses that pets are unable to recover from. In the case of terminal illness and/or debilitating pain or suffering, one of the kindest things that we can do for them is to relieve them of that burden by making the difficult decision to put them to sleep. We believe "it's better to help a friend a day too early than a second too late".

How do I know if it is the right time to consider euthanasia?

Your veterinarian can help you in making the right decision as to whether it is time to consider euthanisia. With euthanasia you have the choice of allowing them in passing as peaceful as possible. If we wait too long, that choice may be taken away. At Animal Clinic of Rogers we believe if your pets the quality of life your pet is not one you would want to live, it is most likely time. Some signs your pet is suffering may include:

• Chronic labored breathing, breathlessness and/or coughing
• Chronic pain that cannot be controlled by medication (your veterinarian can advise if this is the case)
• Frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting that leads to dehydration or severe weight loss
• Inability to stand or move around
• Continued disinterest in food or eating
• Incontinent to the stage where they are frequently soiling themselves
• No interest in communication with family members, treats, games or other previously enjoyed activity
• Zest for life is non-existent

Euthanasia has the small benefit of allowing family members the time to say their final goodbyes to your pet. This is an emotional time and giving them the opportunity for final displays of love and affection with their pet will help ease them into the grieving process. It is especially important to prepare young children as this may be their first experience of bereavement.

What happens during the euthanasia procedure?

At Animal Clinic of Rogers we use a sedative prior to the euthanasia. This is the same sedative we use during surgerical procedures, this allows your pet to be put to sleep in a completely painless and peaceful way. For many owners this is the first time they have seen their pet at peace in a long while. We do not recommend staying for the actual euthanasia as your pet can experience involuntary muscle contractions and breathing, which are normal occurences. We believe it is best to remember your pet at peace and without pain.

Cremation or Burial

At Animal Clinic of Rogers we use Friends Forever Pet Crematory out of Fort Smith. They are a wonderful and caring family. At the time of the euthanasia you will be asked whether you would prefer a private cremation or a group cremation. For a private cremation you will receive your pets’ ashes back in a beautiful wooden box which you may keep or take the ashes and spread them in you and your pets favorite places.

Some of you may choose to bury your pet. The City of Rogers does not allow you to bury your pet within city limits so you should check any local ordinances for restrictions.